About Human HairThere are many weird facts relating to hair that most people don’t know, including you!  For instance are you aware that hair is made of dead skin cells?  Oh, and keratin?  Did you know that the main purpose of hair is to prevent people from losing too much heat via their heads?

Over the years, hair and hair styles have been instrumental in representing status, religion and also to annoy parents around the globe.  From Biblical times already, hair has represented something.  In Samson’s case it represented strength.  In the popular fairy tale Rapunzel used her long braid to pull her Prince Charming up to the tower where she was imprisoned.  Did you know that the most popular hair for use in wigs in Brazillian hair and Indian hair?

Yes, hair has performed weird duties and meant strange things for a long time now.  Here are some more weird and wonderful facts you didn’t know about hair:

Oil spills are no match for hair

Mats of human hair was utilised in San Francisco in 2007 to absorb an oil spill in the ocean.  Wet hair acts as a sponge and the oil spill was quickly sucked up with the help of thousands of hair volunteers.  Most probably these mats were made from human hair wigs!  And most probably from virgin Indian Remy hair, considering it’s strength and durability.

Soy sauce is not hair-free
Many a restaurant plate of food has been sent back to the kitchen because of a stray hair that has fallen into the plate and subsequently landed in the eater’s mouth.  Does just the thought of stray hairs in food make you feel ill? Then you really shouldn’t read any further!  Chinese company Hongshuai Soy Sauce extracted amino acids for their soy sauce from hair swept from a barber’s floor.  And they sold the product to the public!  Told you not to read further!

Beards were not always tax-free
Peter the Great hated beards.  During his rule in the 17th century he imposed a tax of 100 rubles for every man who refused to shave! Weird right? Hopefully there won’t be a future tax deduction for wearing wigs.  Considering how many people and entertainment industries utilise lace wigs, weaves and Brazillian and Indian hair wigs, we might have a lot of broke and less-glamourous looking people on the streets soon!

The aliens are closer than you think!
And they have red hair!  A popular conspiracy theory states that red-headed people are aliens.  The theory originated from the fact that many royals in Europe had red hair even though redheads are supposedly very rare.  Who knows, maybe the theorists are onto something!

Jewellery made from hair
How would you like a necklace made from your late granny’s hair?  No?  During the Victorian era it was a popular practise to make jewellery from a deceased’s hair! You know, to remember them by.   You would think it’d be a lot easier to have used one of those heavy wigs they were so fond of!

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