We have all seen woman with beautiful full bodied hair, more often than not those luscious locks hide their own little secret that is hair extensions! Hair extensions enable woman to create the look and feel of their hair that they have always wanted.

With hair extension woman are now able to add body to lifeless hair, length to short hair, or the effect of a layered cut without having to put a scissor to their own hair. The quality of hair extension today is unparalleled, extensions such as Indian weft hair does not only suite woman from different ethnic backgrounds it is harvested with the greatest of care.

Hair extensions

Hair is sourced from willing donors. Virgin weft hair is sourced from the heads of virgins between the ages of 14 and 18 years at the temple and is done during a religious ceremony.
Great care is taken when transporting the hair to the factory. To ensure a quality product the hairs are individually sorted by length and put through a hackling (removes tangles) and cleansing process to remove any impurities and give the extension the shine and softness we have all become accustomed to.

With genuine Indian weft hair no one will be able to tell where your hair ends and the extensions begins. Buying Indian weft hair isn’t a trade secret a simple Google search will get you on your way; however you need to exercise caution to ensure a quality product.

Although it is recommended that you have your extensions done by a professional it isn’t rocket science, after a few practise runs you will be able to do your own extensions effortlessly and at half the cost.