Everybody has a style regarding anything in life, which is why some people prefer short hair rather long hair because it is just their style. However within the short hair category there are various styles available for us to choose from. It is mostly men who are interested in short hair styles, there are quite a few websites on the internet that offer galleries of photos which one can print together with the names of the hair style and give it to their barber. There are even those that provide guidelines and tips for short and curly hairstyles. An example of a men’s short hair cut is the short crop.

short hairThere are also those women who prefer short hair styles too for instance some want Rhapsody Red, Short Bleach Hair and so on, there are guidelines that advise on how to style short hair after cutting and also how to cut it short. Very few people really know how to cut hair it is always advised to choose a professional to avoid embarrassment and non-professionalism. When choosing a short hair style it is very advisable to consider one’s weight, height, shape of head, the reason why they having the short hair style and maybe even the occasion. Styling one’s short hair for a stage play should be quite different to styling it for attending a wedding and enlisting in the South African Defense Force. Amongst the iconic and well known haircuts the shortest of them all is called the pixie. The Pixie has been in existence for decades also very popular with women who are more carefree and liberated. The Pixie is quite flexible that you can have it with a long or a curved fringe.

Another popular short hairstyle is a bob with tweaked ends, the ends are tweaked with darker reds and browns. There is also the round top which has round element about it in huge way, you can have this style in a fresh blonde colour.