The low down

There are so many options today, when one considers changing hairstyles, especially when one is looking at extensions or weaves. Aside from the fact that a weave saves you the time, effort and maintenance of growing out your own hair, there is the added advantage that with a weave you minimise the damage to your own hair that comes as part of styling and colouring.

Indian-Weft-HairIndian weft hair is some of the most popular and easy to find hair on the market. This is mainly because Indian culture is unique in that people donate their hair at temples which is then collected by the manufacturers. This means that it is a cheaper option than most, without sacrificing quality as the hair is usually collected as a virgin ponytail, meaning all the hair flows in the same direction and has usually not been exposed to harmful and destructive chemicals or styling techniques.

Generally Indian Weft hair is luxurious, shiny and durable, coming in various shades of black. It is also great for holding curls, rarely ever losing them, except in the most humid and damp environments – which is yet another reason it is so popular.

So in short, Indian weft hair is the obvious choice for many considering hair extensions. Unfortunately however, if you are one of those who loves to colour your hair, Indian weft hair is probably not for you, while it can hold colour, it is not the ideal choice for stylists.