How to put in Brazilian weft hair

Brazilian weft hair extensions help add volume and length to your hair, they come in a various number of colours, lengths and styles. Make sure that you have your brazilian weft hair done by a professional, so that they can cut it according to the style that you want.


How to put in brazilian weft hair.

If you have put in hair extensions before, you should know that putting in brazilian weft hair is not that different from that. You might have to decide whether you want it sewed in or if you want it glued in. These are two different methods that you can use to put in your brazillian hair extensions.

Method 1:

When you have your brazilian hair extension sewn in, your hairdresser will usually use hair fiber to plait your hair in cornrows, once that is done. The brazilian weft is sewn onto the cornrows using a needle and wool to keep the weft in place. Once the sewing is complete, you have a new look that you can style however you please.

Method 2:

If you opt to have your brazilian weft glued on. You can choose to have the glue put on your natural hair or on plaits. Ask your stylist about which method will be better. Usually putting the glue on your natural, unplaited hair, eliminates the bulkiness of having the weft glued on plaits. You get your hair sectioned off into small parts, then the hair hair glue is applied to the hair a few centimetres away from the scalp and the glue is also put on the weft of the extension then the weft is placed on the hair. This doesn’t take long and once dry you can cut or style your hair as you desire.