Hair extensions have become such a necessity in our lives today; I mean beauty’s definition just would not be complete without our beautiful hair extensions.  Have we ever wondered though where our beautiful hair extensions come from, and where do salons get this hair?

Where do my extensions come from The very best quality of hair extensions come from the Asian or the Eastern European countries, where poverty is very high and people are poorly paid for the work they do.  The women in these countries are often seen selling their hair, so that they can be paid for it, in return they are enabled to feed their families.  There are very strict guidelines in some countries regarding these women selling their hair, like women must keep their hair pollutants, and the women must ensure that their hair is kept in good and top good condition while they are growing it, to sell it.   Believe it or not some factories around the world will provide these women with good healthy food to ensure that they will have beautiful hair that is growing.  The time arrives and these women line up for the hair to be harvested, and they line up at the factories to have their hair shaved completely bald, and when a women is done, she is then sent out to start the process all over again.   This hair is then collected neatly and distributed worldwide.

It is important to note that when we get this hair, we remember that it was once someone’s hair and they give it up so that they can make money to feed their children and families.  In South Africa we get human hair extensions from our salons who get them from the people who import this hair into the country.  It has been one of my own personal experiences that to get hold of good extensions, you speak to the one of the many foreign nationals who lives in South Africa; they provide you with one of the best quality hair when it comes to hair extensions.