Hair Extensions

Every woman wants to be beautiful and in order to be seen as beautiful, hair has to be a great part of that beauty package. Hair extensions are used by women who want a certain look instantly and have no time to grow their hair. Where hair extensions are sold are beauty shops whereby they have a salon. You can purchase the hair there and pay extra for the hairstylist to glue it or weave it into your natural hair. However buying extensions at a salon can be much more expensive that getting straight from a hair supplier for instances a wholesaler.

These types of hair come in many forms like natural human which is imported from countries like Brazil and India. There is also hair which is manufactured locally using synthetic fibres, all of these sell very widely because they cost different prices and aimed at different market segments. There are a lot of websites in this country where lists and lists of suppliers are featured.

Where to get hair extensionsSome companies that make synthetic lawns also crossed over the market to make synthetic hair because they realised that there is a huge demand for it. To provide an idea of how much hair extensions can cost for clip hair extensions it can cost up to one thousand two hundred and fifty rand. These companies are offering discounts as much as eighty percent, this just shows how far suppliers are willing to go for the sale and movement of hair extension products. For an amount of about one hundred and twenty grams of Remy type hair extensions it can cost up to one thousand two hundred rand.

What the hair extension business needs in South Africa is to able to import masses of these extensions in huge bulk directly from the source as the demand clearly shows that it has huge potential judging from the sales over the past decade. This will lower costs and increase affordability for the final consumer and once this happens it can only result in higher production in terms of sales which is a positive turn for the industry as a whole. Research for any business in this industry is the way to go just like any other form of business.